To request an officer for a private/outside detail, companies, businesses, or private individuals requesting private police services of an off-duty officer to work an outside paid detail should call (413) 569-5348 ext. 0. 

Information required:

  1. Call back phone number*
  2. First Name*
  3. Last Name*
  4. Business name*
  5. Billing Address*
  6. Number of officers*
  7. Location*
  8. Date & Time of the detail.*
  9. Job#

NOTE: Any and all private/outside detail(s) are a Four (4) Hour minimum.


If you are calling to cancel a private police detail, YOU MUST call (413) 569-5348 ext. 0 and inform the on-duty dispatcher of the cancellation within TWO (2) hours of the start of the detail or you will incur the minimum charge (4 hrs.).

Note: Additional cost will be applied for the following: 

  • After Eight (8) hours 
  • Overnight (00:00 – 06:00 hrs.) 
  • Holidays
  • Sunday(s)
  • Christmas Day/Eve, New Year’s Day/Eve. 
  • Cruiser Request