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The Southwick Police Department currently employs 21 Full-time Police Officers and 8 Reserve Police Officers. The Southwick Police Department operates on a 24/7 schedule. Our Dispatch Center is currently staffed with 4 Full-time Emergency Dispatchers as well as 3 Part-time Dispatchers.

The Southwick Police Department is under the Direction of the Command Staff, Chief of Police Robert D. Landis and Lt. Rhett Bannish. Serving directly under the command staff are 5 Patrol Sergeants and a Detective Sergeant.

  • Sgt. Roger Arduini
  • Sgt. Paul Miles
  • Sgt. Michael Westcott
  • Sgt. Michael Taggart
  • Sgt. Brad Fisk
  • Detective Det. Sgt. Thomas Krutka

In addition to the officers here at the Southwick Police Department, 1 civilian administrator compliment the current staff here at the police department.

  • Chief of Police, Chief's Confidential Assistant Suzann Anderson

The Town of Southwick Animal Control Facility operates under the direction of the Chief of Police and is currently staffed with a Full-time Animal Control Officer, ACO Liz Bennett as well as 0 part-time assistants. The Southwick / Polverari Animal Control Facility is located directly behind the Southwick Police Department (Rear) at 11 Depot Street Southwick MA.