Duties of the School Resource Officer:

The School Resource Officer is specially trained and performs three main roles: law enforcer, mentor/counselor, and educator The SRO maintains a presence in our local schools to deter any unwanted visitors and to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty and staff.

The SRO will work in concert with the school’s superintendent, principal(s) and faculty to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our students and to afford them ample opportunity to achieve their education and to meet all of their expectations and goals.

Some of the duties of an SRO are as follows: 

  1. Provide a program of educational leadership by acting as a guest speaker in addressing tobacco, alcohol, and other drug issues, and in addressing violence diffusion, and violence prevention, and safety issues in the school community
  2. Present programs to parents on issues related to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, violence prevention, and safety
  3. Provide informational in-series for staff on issues related to alcohol and other drugs and the law, violence, gangs, safety, and security
  4. Gather information regarding potential problems such as criminal activity, gang activity and student unrest, and attempt to identify particular individuals who may be a disruptive influence to the school and/or students
  5. Assist in maintaining order and enforcing school policies on school property. In conjunction with school officials, the SRO will take the appropriate law enforcement action, consistent with a police officer’s duty. 
  6. As soon as practical, the SRO shall make the principal of the school aware of such action.  At the principal’s request, the SRO shall take appropriate law enforcement action against intruders and unwanted guests who may appear at the school and related school functions, to the extent that the SRO may do so under the authority of the law.  Whenever practicable, the SRO shall advise the principal before requesting additional police assistance on campus.