Det. Sgt. Thomas Krutka

Direct Line - 413-569-5348 ext. 622 or e-mail 276@southwickma.gov

Duties and Assignments:

  • Assisting and coordinating the criminal investigations conducted by patrol officers
  • Investigate complaints or incidents that are considered serious in nature
  • Fingerprint/Photography and crime scene investigator
  • Sexual assault investigator
  • Narcotics Investigations

The Detective Bureau investigates reported felony and serious misdemeanor offenses occurring within the jurisdiction of Southwick Massachusetts. It is the responsibility of the Detective Bureau to identify, arrest, and present offenders to the judicial system. This is accomplished through cooperative efforts and partnerships with officers and investigators within our department as well as from other local, state and federal agencies. 

Sexual Assault Investigator:
Officer Kelly Miller

Direct Line - 413-569-5348 ext. 535 or e-mail 292@southwickma.gov

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