Polverari Animal Control Facility
Polverari Animal Control Facility

Animal Control Officer Liz Bennett

Direct Line - 413-569-5348 ext. 649 or e-mail aco@southwickma.gov
11 Depot Street, directly behind the Police Department

Welcome to the Southwick Animal Control Facility! 

We are proud to be an extension of the Southwick Police Department, operating under the Office of the Chief of Police. We are a municipal animal shelter that is also used by the Towns of Agawam and West Springfield to house stray dogs until the owners can be located and reunited with their pets. As we are not an animal rescue or a sanctuary, owner surrenders are considered on a case by case basis. 


Adopt a Pet

Animal adoptions or viewing are done via an appointment and only after your application has been approved. We try our best to find the perfect fit for the animals we have, not just the fastest. We don’t want to see the animals come back, so we take our time finding the best homes. Please submit an application if you see one you’d like!

We do not respond to calls regarding Wildlife animals, however, we do have a list of resources who specialize in wildlife nuisance issues.

If your dog/pet is impounded, please know that you will be required to provide proper identification, proof of Rabies vaccination and licensing for your pet before your pet will be released.

Animal Control Officer Liz Bennett
and are available:

Monday through Thursday from 8am to 2pm
and on Friday from 8am to 3:30 pm

413-569-5348 ext. 649

E-Mail us at aco@southwickma.gov or

If you have a situation that needs IMMEDIATE attention, please call the Southwick Police Department at 413-569-5348 and press extension “0” for assistance.
Please note we are NOT in the office on weekends.

If you are having difficulties in providing for your pet, please contact us! We have a partnership with the Southwick Community Food Bank and provide food there, or it can be given out by the shelter directly. Please let us know how we can help!

Looking for a good gift for Fido or Kitty? We have items that are available for sale at the shelter! All proceeds go directly to our medical funds so that we can continue to provide needed care for the animals we have.

Dedicated to Robert and Barbara Polverari

Robert and Barbara Polverari moved into Southwick several years ago. The animal lovers that they are, Bob and Barbara quickly started a wonderful friendship between the Animal Control Department and their very own family.

One-day Bob came into the shelter and asked what he could do for the animals. Seeing what the shelter was lacking, Bob built solid dividers for the kennels so the dogs would not fight. After spending time at the shelter and seeing how small the shelter was and, how the office for the Animal Control Officer wasn’t in the same building, Bob and Barbara decided the town could use a whole new animal shelter.

This started the process of planning and then building the current Animal Control Facility we have today. Within 93 days the animals were moving into a new, spectacular 2400 square foot building with office space, play area for the dogs, an adoption area and a lobby. Bob and Barbara are avid animal lovers to say the least. 

We here at the Southwick Animal Control facility, the Town of Southwick and of course, all the animals that pass through our doors are so very thankful for the wonderful generosity of Bob and Barbara.