Robert and Barbara Polverari moved into Southwick several years ago. The animal lovers that they are, Bob and Barbara quickly started a wonderful friendship between the Animal Control Department and their very own family.

One-day Bob came into the shelter and asked what he could do for the animals. Seeing what the shelter was lacking, Bob built solid dividers for the kennels so the dogs would not fight. After spending time at the shelter and seeing how small the shelter was and, how the office for the Animal Control Officer wasn’t in the same building, Bob and Barbara decided the town could use a whole new animal shelter.

This started the process of planning and then building the current Animal Control Facility we have today. Within 93 days the animals were moving into a new, spectacular 2400 square foot building with office space, play area for the dogs, an adoption area and a lobby. Bob and Barbara are avid animal lovers to say the least. 

We here at the Southwick Animal Control facility, the Town of Southwick and of course, all the animals that pass through our doors are so very thankful for the wonderful generosity of Bob and Barbara.