Southwick Public Safety Services Day Huge Success


            The first Southwick Public Safety Services Day was without a doubt a huge success.  I would personally like to thank all of the citizens and their families for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us for this special event.  Based on the smiles and expressions I saw on the children’s faces I know that they had a great deal of fun.  It was fascinating to see the confusion the event brought to our younger citizens.  They had a hard time deciding if they should go see the Police Car or the Fire Truck first.  Then there was the toughest decision of all, “Do I go see Officer Krutka and his K-9 partner, Jax doing their demonstration or the Lifestar Helicopter landing in front of the Fire Department.  For those who couldn’t join us on Saturday you’ll be happy to know that they were able to see both.  When it came to refreshments most of the children had no problem letting us know that they wanted some popcorn, candy and a soda.  I am sure some of the parents had a difficult time getting the kids in of a nap that afternoon

I enjoyed interacting with the citizens and their families.  I enjoyed the conversations and fun we had talking about a number of interesting topics.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, “I am blessed to work with the team of Officers, Dispatchers and Staff from the Southwick Police Department.”  They truly make my assignment a little easier.   With that being said I would like to publicly thank them for all their hard work and support. The entire staff here at the Police Department volunteered their personal time to be at the event to greet the public and answer any questions which were presented.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank those individuals who volunteered to help us in areas where we needed assistance.Those individuals were the students from the present and past Citizen Police Academies.

In ending I would like to thank all the members from the Southwick Fire Department, Southwick Emergency Management and the Polvereri – Southwick Animal Shelter for all of their hard work.  They all did an outstanding job in present how their Agency fit into the Public Safety role.

All in all it was a great day and I thank everyone who made it a huge success.


Chief of Police

Dave Ricardi