SCAM ALERT…..SCAM ALERT……There has been several reports of phone scams in town as well as other surrounding areas. The calling party is stating that your family member has been in a car accident and money is needed immediately for treatment. There has also been calls stating that a member of your family, whether it be a niece, nephew, grandchild, son or daughter, is on vacation in the calling party’s area and, has been arrested and needs bail money immediately. DO NOT SEND MONEY OR PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!!

These are scams. Hospitals do not solicit money before treating a subject that is in their Emergency room. DO NOT SEND MONEY! If a person has been arrested, that person would be calling you for bail money, not the police or any other law enforcement official where said subject was arrested, DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!

If you receive any calls similar to the ones described above, call you local police department and they will assist you.