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K-9 "Jax"
K-9 “Jax”


This past Saturday evening, November 7, 2015, the members from Southwick VFW Post 872 held a Spaghetti and Chicken Dinner to benefit our K-9 program. There was a great response from the Community and as a result the members of the VFW Post 872 were able to donate $1,300.00 dollars to the K-9 Program.
On behalf of our K-9 Officer, Thomas L. Krutka, his K-9 partner – Jax, and the entire Southwick Police Department I would like to express our gratitude for the generous donation of $1,300.00. It is obvious that the hard work of the membership went a long way in exceeding the goal.
The donation will be allocated for enhanced development, safety equipment and/or maintenance related to the K-9 program. In today’s economy we have found donations play an integral part in being able to maintain this and other valuable programs for our community.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Support your Police Department

Support your Police Department

In the event you haven’t heard or aren’t aware the Town of Southwick Republican Town Committee recently announced a new Town wide campaign. The Committee is asking the residents of Southwick to show their support for the Police Department and its Officers by placing a sign on their lawn, which states “We Support Southwick Police.” The Committee is asking for a $10.00 donation for each sign which can be picked up at the Southwick Florist, 636 College Highway. For further information you are asked to call the Southwick Republican Town Committee Chairman, Bob Horacek, at (413) 569-3616.
The Committee will donate all the profits to the Southwick Police Department to support the Rape Aggression Defense Program (R.A.D.)
The Officers and members of the Police Department would like to thank our residents in advance for their support.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Spaghetti & Chicken Supper Fundraiser To Benefit Southwick Police K-9 Program

K-9 Ofc. Thomas Krutka and K-9 "Jax"
Ofc. Thomas Krutka and K-9 “Jax”

Our local Southwick VFW, located at 151 Point Grove Road, will again be hosting their annual benefit for our Southwick Police K-9 Program. The donations from this benefit will go to defraying some of the everyday expenses associated with the program.

The benefit with take place on Saturday, November 7, 2015, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the VFW facility. The donations for adults are $10.00 and those under 10 years old will be $4.00. There will be a 50/50 raffle available for those who attend.

In the event there are no emergencies that require a K-9 team, Officer Krutka and his partner Jax will do a small demonstration during the dinner.

This would be a great time to come out to meet our K-9 team who works hard to maintain the quality of life here in Southwick.

Hope to see you at the dinner.

Chief Dave Ricardi

2015 Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Fall is upon us and as you know it is that time of year where many people both young and old put on their best costumes to head out to celebrate Halloween. To ensure that this Halloween is a day of fun-filled event the members of the Southwick Police Department would like to offer our residents some tips on how to make this a safe holiday.


• Before children start out on their ‘trick or treat’ rounds, parents should:

• Make sure an adult or an older responsible youth will be supervising the outing for children under age 12.

• It’s best to take the little ones out early.

• Plan and discuss the route trick-or-treaters intend to follow and know the names of older children’s companions.

• Instruct your children to travel only in familiar areas and along established routes.

• Cross only at corners; never dart out between parked cars.
• Cover one side of the street at a time, no crisscrossing.

• Never accept a ride in a car.

• Teach your children to stop only at houses or apartment buildings that are well-lit and NEVER to enter a stranger’s home.

• NEVER allow your children to go through a backyard to get to a home.

• NEVER allow your children go to a back door at a house.

• Establish a return time. Know the neighborhoods they will be visiting. Have the children stay in groups.

• Tell your youngsters not to eat any treat until they return home and the treats are checked by an adult.

• Review all appropriate trick-or-treat safety rules & precautions, including pedestrian & traffic safety rules.
• Pin a slip of paper with the child’s name, address & phone number inside a pocket in case the youngster gets separated from the group.


• Make sure your own home is well lit and that there is a clear path to the door. Items such as bicycles, lawn furniture, electrical cords and Halloween decorations can trip Trick-or-Treaters walking in the dark.


• Only fire-retardant materials should be used for costumes.

• Costumes should be loose so warm clothes can be worn underneath.

• Costumes should not be so long that they are a tripping hazard. Falls are the leading cause of unintentional Halloween injuries.

• If children are allowed out after dark, outfits should be made with light colored materials. Strips of reflective tape should be used to make children visible. Use flashlights for extra visibility.

• Children should wear sturdy footwear and temperature appropriate clothing under their costumes.

• Children should understand and follow these rules:

• DO NOT enter homes or apartments without adult supervision.

• WALK, do not run, from house to house. DO NOT cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain can present tripping hazards.

• WALK on sidewalks, not in the street. WALK on the left side of the road, facing traffic in areas where there are no sidewalks.


• Watch for children and adults darting from between parked cars.

• Watch for children and adults walking in roadways, along sidewalks and in parking areas.

• Enter & exit driveways, side streets and alleys carefully.

• At twilight & later in the evening, watch for pedestrians in dark clothing.


• Masks can obstruct a child’s vision. Use facial make-up instead.

• When buying special Halloween make-up, check for packages containing ingredients that are labeled “Made with U.S. Approved Additives”, “Laboratory Tested”, “Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics”, or “Non-Toxic”. Follow manufacturer’s instruction for application.

• If masks are worn, they should have nose and mouth openings and large eye holes.


• Knives, swords and other accessories should be made from cardboard or flexible materials. Do not allow children to carry sharp objects.

• Bags or sacks carried by youngsters should be light-colored or trimmed with reflective tape if children are allowed out after dark.

• Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly.

• To ensure a safe Trick-or-Treat outing, parents are urged to:

• Give children an early meal before going out.

• Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten.

• Throw out anything that appears tampered with, homemade or home-packaged foods unless you are certain of the source.

• Inspect fruit closely and take away treats that may not be age appropriate. Young children may choke on things like hard candy or peanuts.

• Wash fruits and slice into small pieces.

• Be aware of food allergies.

• When in doubt, throw it out

Have an enjoyable and safe Halloween

Thank-you Chief Dave Ricardi



Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law, Chapter 89, Section 11 states that the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right of way, slowing down or stopping if needed, as to yield to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk. Whoever violates and provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
Drivers should make themselves aware of all crosswalks locations throughout the Town. In particular, areas located near schools. These areas normally receive heavy pedestrian traffic requiring extra alertness by driver in their travels.
Keep in mind that the person who may be in that crosswalk could be your child, parent or friend that is placed in danger when a driver ignores the law.
The Southwick Police Department strongly encourages drivers to adhere to the provisions of this law as we will cite violators.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Southwick Police Department 19th Citizen Police Academy

I am proud to announce that will be conducting out nineteenth (19th) Southwick Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy starting on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

The Citizens’ Police Academy is an eight (8) week program designed to show Southwick residents, first-hand information on how their Police Department works. The classes will be held once a week on Tuesday and will meet in the Training Room at the Southwick Fire Department.

The Academy is available to any Southwick resident eighteen (18) years old or older. Anyone who works in Southwick can also apply. At the present time there are some openings available for this class so if you are interested you should call Sergeant Kirk Sanders at 569-5348 extension 624 to obtain an application.

The training syllabus consists of the following classes:


  • Tour of the Police Department


  • Emergency Dispatch Center


  • Crime Scene Investigations


  • Criminal Law and Procedures


  • Controlled Substance Identifications and Investigations


  • Firearms


  • K-9 Demonstration


  • Role of the Court System


  • Dive and Rescue Team Program


  • Use of Force


  • Role of our Resource Officer and Safety Officer


  • Operating under the Influence of Alcohol Investigations


  • A ride-a-long with an Officer


At the end of eight weeks there is a graduation ceremony.




Chief Dave Ricardi



I am asking residents who are concerned with speeding motor vehicles in their neighborhoods to call Sergeant Kirk Sanders at 569-5348 ext. 624 to request a traffic enforcement post in your neighborhood.
Although having a Police Officer running radar on your street may deter would be traffic offenders, it will not eliminate their existence. The Officers of this Police Department echo the concerns of the residents on this issue and will work at making a difference in your neighborhood.
When you call in your complaint we ask that you provide us with the following information if possible:
• Name, Address and Phone Number

• Email if possible

• Location where violation(s) occur?

• Approximate time violation(s) occur?

• Vehicle description, license plate number including the State of issue? (When reporting a single violator)

We are working to keep our streets safe and hope that this medium of registering your complaint about traffic violators will make it convenient for you.

Chief Dave Ricardi


The members of Southwick Police Department are proud to serve the citizens of our Community and especially those in our elderly population. Our senior citizens can too often fall victim to neglect and abuse from others, including family members. Our Officers have all been trained to investigate crimes that affect our senior community. We work extremely hard in providing a sense of security to those senior citizens who may need our assistance. The members of the Southwick Department derive a great deal of satisfaction when they are able to help our seniors, no matter how big or small the task may be.

We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with our Council on Aging. This partnership allows us to provide various educational meeting with the seniors in hopes of providing alerts and information, which help them in their everyday life. The liaison Officer from the Police Department to the Council on Aging is Sergeant Kirk Sanders who works with other Officers in putting on these meetings.

If you have a non-emergency situation or questions please feel free to call us at 569-5348.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Domestic & Sexual Violence

Department Philosophy

We believe no one deserves to be abused or physically assaulted. The Officers of this Department pride themselves in doing everything in their power to combat physical and sexual abuse. All Officers understand that the citizens of Southwick and visitors of our community have a right to live and visit without fear, abuse, oppression and violence. A key ingredient to the success of our philosophy hinges on the belief that all violators be brought to justice for their actions. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe community where offenses of this type are not tolerated.

Chief Dave Ricardi

2015 July 4th Message from the Chief……..


Fireworks Laws

The 4th of July Holiday is less than 2 weeks away. This is a holiday that traditional brings about the illegal use of fireworks throughout our Community. Our Officers will be enforcing the laws where possible. Our main focus is to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

The laws and penalties pertaining to the illegal use and possession of fireworks have been provided below.

Chapter 148, Section 35 Possession of Bombs and Explosives

• No person shall have in his/her possession or under his/her control any bomb or other high explosive, as defined by the rules and regulations made under Section nine (9), contrary to the provisions of this chapter or any rules or regulation made thereunder.

• Penalty is a Misdemeanor. Whoever violates this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment for not more than two and one half years, or both, and any bomb or explosive found in his/her possession or under his/her control on such violation shall be forfeited to the Commonwealth.

Chapter 148, Section 39 Illegal Possession and Exploding of Fireworks

• No person shall sell, or keep or offer for sale, or have in his/her possession, or under his/her control, or use, or explode, or cause to explode, any combustible or explosive composition or substance, or any combination of such compositions or substances, or any other article, which was prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation.

• Fireworks Includes: For the purpose of this section the word “Fireworks” shall include compositions, substances or other articles and shall also include blank cartridges or toy cannons in which explosives are used, the type of toy balloon which requires fire underneath to propel the same, firecrackers, cherry bombs, silver salutes, M-80’s torpedoes, sky-rockets, Roman candles, sparklers, rockets, wheels, colored fires, fountains, mines, serpents, or other fireworks of like construction or any fireworks containing any explosive or flammable compound, or any tablets or other device containing any explosive substance.

• Fireworks DOES NOT Include: The term “fireworks” as used shall not include toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns or other devices in which paper caps or plastic caps containing twenty-five hundredths grains or less of explosive compound are used, if they are so constructed that the hand cannot come in contact with the cap when in place for the explosion, or toy pistol paper caps or plastic caps which contain less than twenty hundredths grains of explosive mixture, the sale and use of which shall be permitted at all times; and provided, further, that this section does not apply:

• Penalty is a Misdemeanor. Whoever shall sell or keep for sale or offer for sale any fireworks in violation of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1000) or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year or both.

• Penalty is a Misdemeanor. Whoever shall have in his/her possession or under his/her control, or whoever shall use or explode or cause to explode any fireworks in violation of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than ten dollars ($10) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100).

• The mere possession of fireworks is a non-arrestable misdemeanor. An Officer may seize the fireworks (since they are contraband) and later seek complaints. This does not mean that in extreme cases Officers are precluded from using other charges such as disorderly or disturbing the peace.

• Note on Seizure: Any Officer qualified to serve criminal process shall seize all of the fireworks mentioned herein without a warrant, and the fireworks seized shall, upon conviction of such violation, be forfeited to the Commonwealth.

• Notice of Seizure: Notice of such seizure of the fireworks shall immediately be sent to the Fire Marshal by the Officer making the seizure, and the fireworks seized shall be held and securely stored by the Department until the Fire Marshal or his authorized representative takes them into his/her possession for disposal.

• Fireworks DOES NOT Include: The term “fireworks” as used shall not include toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns or other devices in which paper caps or plastic caps containing twenty-five hundredths grains or less of explosive compound are used, if they are so constructed that the hand cannot come in contact with the cap when in place for the explosion, or toy pistol paper caps or plastic caps which contain less than twenty hundredths grains of explosive mixture, the sale and use of which shall be permitted at all times; and provided, further, that this section does not apply:

• To the sale of any fireworks to be shipped directly out of the Commonwealth, or

• To the sale of any such article for the use of, and its use by, persons having obtained a permit for a supervised display of such fireworks from the Fire Marshall or some Officer designated by him/her therefore, under any provision of section thirty-nine A, or

• To the sale of flares, lanterns or fireworks for the use of and their use by, railroads, railways, boats, motor vehicles or other transportation agencies, or other activity, lawfully permitted or required to use any or all of such articles for signal purposes, illumination or otherwise, or

• To the sale or use of blank cartridges for a duly licensed show or theatre or for signal or ceremonial purposes in athletics or sports, or to the sale of special blank cartridges and their use in the proper operation of industrial tools and equipment only, or

• To experiments at a factory, for explosives, or

• To the sale of blank cartridges for the use of, or their use by, the militia or any organization of war veterans or other organizations authorized by law to parade in public, a color guard armed with firearms, or

• In teaching the use of firearms by experts, or

• To the sale of shells for firearms, cartridges, gunpowder, and for the purposes of using, and their use, or in connection with the hunting of game or in target practice with firearms, or

• To farmers and fruit growers who, having obtained a permit under section thirteen of chapter forty-eight, sue firecrackers for control of damage to their corps by birds

Have a Safe Holiday

Chief Dave Ricardi