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Police Department Receives Gifts from Local Youth Group

I was touched and honored, on Tuesday evening, to accept on behalf of the members of the Southwick Police Department, some generous gifts from MidKids Youth Group from the Southwick Community Episcopal Church. I was truly moved that a group of upstanding young citizens selflessly took their time to think of our Department and raise money to purchase items that they thought we may need and/or enjoy. I have no doubts that everyone here at the Police Department will enjoy the coffee, teas, hot cocoa, trail mix, protein bars, nuts and baked goods.

In this day and age when our television screens and newspapers are inundated with what seems to be a never-ending stream of negative stories, it was heartwarming to encounter young people committed to make a positive impact in their community in any way they can.

I extend to the entire MidKids Youth Group and advisers our most sincere thanks, appreciation and admiration. It is my hope that you will all continue on this positive path that you have set up, strengthening not only yourselves and your group, but our community as well.

Best Regards,

Chief Dave Ricardi



As we are all aware we have built up a substantial amount of snow over the past few snowstorms. The end of snow accumulation doesn’t appear to be in sight yet so members of Southwick Police and Fire Departments are asking for your help.
As we all know, in an emergency, Police and Fire personnel depend on house numbers to locate you as quick as possible. Under normal conditions finding your home especially at night can be challenging if the address numbers are unreadable, hidden, unlighted or have missing numbers. With the amount of snow we have received as of late locating certain houses has made this task more difficult. We have found the snow is blocking the numbers on many mailboxes. So with that being said we are requesting that you assist us by clearing the snow away from your mailbox so we can read the numbers. If you don’t have numbers on your mailbox we ask that you ensure that your house numbers are visible.

Snow Related Town By-Laws and Enforcement Fines

Snow Related Town By-Laws and Enforcement Fines

Topic: Education and Enforcement of Town By-Laws related to snow removal and Winter Recreational vehicles, etc.

Summary: The snow is on the horizon and in-turn so will the citizen complaints

pertaining to a number of issues related to snow removal and winter recreation. This “training bulletin” will serve as a guide and education tool for the Officers to use when dealing with those issues and complaints. Below you will find some of the Town by-laws that were adopted by the Town in-order to address snow removal and winter recreation issues. If the Officer chooses to issue an infraction it can be written on a Town of Southwick Notice of Violation of Town By-Law or Regulation ticket.

Chapter 157, Streets and Sidewalks

Article II – Snow and Ice Removal

Chapter 157, Section 4: Residents on property or owners of property abutting the sidewalks within the Town, which now is or may hereafter be established or set apart as such, shall clear said sidewalk of ice and snow within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow ceases to fall. Should said sidewalk become covered with ice that cannot be readily removed, the said abutter or residents shall be required to place sand or some other suitable substance thereon within twenty-four (24) hours after such said side walk shall have become so encumbered to render said walk unsafe for pedestrians.

Fine: $ 25.00

Chapter 157, Section 5: No Person shall plow or cause to be plowed, snow or ice from private property into or onto a public way.

Fine: $ 25.00

Chapter 75, Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles

Article II – Winter Recreational Vehicles

Chapter 75, Section 12: No person shall operate or abandon a motor vehicle on the ice of the Congamond Lakes except for the purpose of plowing.

Fine: $ 50.00

Chapter 75, Section 13: Winter recreational vehicles and ice boats may be operated from December 1st to March 1st , from sunrise to 11 P.M..

Fine: $ 50.00

Chapter 75, Section 14: No person shall operate a winter recreational vehicle or ice boat on the ice having a thickness of less than six (6) inches.

Fine: $ 50.00

Chapter 75, Section 15: No person shall operate winter recreational vehicles or snow vehicles on the Congamond Lakes, within one hundred & fifty (150) feet of an occupied residence without permission of the owner or when directly departing from or returning to such residence.

Fine: $ 50.00

Chapter 75, Section 16: No recovery or salvage operation shall be authorized except under the expressed approval of the Police Department and under their direction and control.

Fine: $ 50.00


Chapter 172, Vehicles and Traffic

Article II – Parking

Chapter 172, Section 6: Any vehicle located or parked within the limits of any way in the Town of Southwick which is interfering with the prompt and orderly removal or plowing of snow or the removal of ice from said way may be removed or caused to be removed by the Superintendent of Streets at the sole expense of the owner of said vehicle to some convenient place, including a public garage, by means or towing or otherwise. Before the owner shall be permitted to remove a vehicle which has been towed or removed, he must:

(A). Furnish satisfactory evidence to the Superintendent of Streets, or any

other person in charge of place or public garage, of his identity and ownership.

(B). Pay all charges for towing or removing said car and all storage

charges, if any,

(C). Sign a written receipt acknowledging delivery of said vehicle.

Fine: $ 25.00

Chapter 172, Section 7: If any vehicle found upon and street or highway in violation of any provisions of this Article or its location is deemed to be a hazard to the flow of traffic of such street or highway, it shall be moved under the direction of a Police Officer, and the person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held prima facie responsible for such violation.

Fine: $ 25.00

Chief Dave Ricardi

Season Greeting Message

Season's Greetings To All!!
Season’s Greetings To All!!

Season Greeting Message

All of the members of the Southwick Police Department and I would like to wish the citizens of Southwick and our visitors a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. We wish you good health and happiness in the upcoming year.

Chief Dave Ricardi

David Ricardi
Chief of Police

“Keep the Holidays Happy. Drive Sober.”

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division is launching a public awareness campaign to discourage citizens of the Commonwealth from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, particularly during the holidays.

We appreciate the important work of Massachusetts police departments to keeping citizens safe. In order to reach as many people as possible, the Highway Safety Division requests that you post this PSA to your town or police website and social media outlets to promote the message of “Keep the Holidays Happy. Drive Sober.”

▶ HSD, Drive Sober – YouTube

17th CPA class graduates at Southwick Town Hall…..

17th Citizen's Police Academy. Dec. 9, 2014
17th Citizen’s Police Academy. Dec. 9, 2014

17th Citizen Police Academy Class Graduates
Congratulations to all of those who graduated last evening from our 17th Citizen Police Academy Class. We thank the graduates for their commitment to the program and the enthusiasm they displayed. After reading the class evaluations and listening to the speeches given by some of the graduates it was apparent that our Citizen Police Academy Program proved to be a huge success. It is apparent that the graduates of the 17th Citizen Police Academy class now have an understanding about the everyday operation of their Police Department and how hard all of members of this Department work to keep the entire Town of Southwick safe and provide its citizens and quests with a better quality of life. We are pleased to know that the recent graduates now have accurate knowledge pertaining to all of the responsibilities and functions that go into protecting the citizens of this community.
Again, Congratulations to the entire 17th Citizen Police Academy Class. We are looking forward to kicking off our 18th Citizen Police Academy in the spring of 2015. Hope to see you there.
Chief Dave Ricardi


K-9 "Jax"
K-9 “Jax”

On behalf of our K-9 Officer, Thomas L. Krutka, his K-9 partner – Jax, and the entire Southwick Police Department I would like to express our gratitude for the generous donation of $500.00 that the members of the Southwick VFW – Post 872 contributed to our K-9 unit.
This donation will go a long way with helping us being able to maintain this valuable resource for our community.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Annual Boy Scout Food Drive…..

Scouting for food!!!
Scouting for food!!!

Saturday, November 15th and Saturday, November 22nd

In the interest of safety we are posting this notice to inform the citizens of Southwick that our local Boy Scouts organizations will be out canvassing our neighborhoods during the next 2 Saturdays in an effort to support their annual food drive for the Southwick Food Pantry.

The Scouts will be distributing the bags on the 15th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and collecting them on the 22nd during the same hours. We are asking for the next 2 Saturdays that you be alert for Scouters and slow moving vehicles.

Let’s have a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday

Chief Dave Ricardi


We need your help – This wasn’t a Halloween Prank

We are appealing to the members of the public for witnesses or anyone who may have information pertaining to some manhole covers being removed overnight between Monday, October 27th and Tuesday, October 28th. This wasn’t a typical Halloween prank involving smashing pumpkins or throwing eggs. This was an intentional malicious act which caused a considerable amount of damage to a vehicle. Thankfully it was a vehicle and not a person who could have fell into the open manhole resulting in the injury or death of the innocent person.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Police Department business line at 569-5348 and use the directory menu to reach our Anonymous Tip line (#9).
Chief Dave Ricardi









Beginning Monday October 27, 2014 there will be construction on Powdermill Road beginning at 7:00 am. Southwick DPW will begin a storm drain replacement project. This project is expected to take approximately 4 weeks to complete. THERE WILL BE TRAFFIC DELAYS DURING THIS PERIOD. Please seek alternative travel routes during this period. thank you for your co-operation….