Chief Frederickson’s Powerful Message After Losing an Officer.

Please take a few minutes to watch Chief Frederickson’s powerful message after losing one of his officers. Officer Sean Gannon and his K-9 partner Nero, were both shot while searching for a male party who was the subject of a Violation of Probation Warrant. Officer Gannon was killed as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. His partner, K-9 Nero, who was shot twice,  was rushed to a nearby animal hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.  K-9 Nero is currently recovering with members from the Yarmouth Police Department by his side.

Chief Frederickson’s speech at Off. Sean Gannon’s candle light vigil. And in my hour of darknessShe is standing right in front of meSpeaking words of wisdom"Let it be"Change is needed. Help us. Please share!This video is the courtesy of WCVB Channel 5 Boston.

Posted by Yarmouth Police Dept. on Sunday, April 15, 2018


The Law Enforcement world has been the subject of ridicule, abuse and plain old disrespect. Law Enforcement officers are being murdered on a daily basis and it needs to stop!!! As Chief Frederickson states, help us help you!!!

Thank you for your support

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Temporary Closed For Several Days

 Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Temporary Closed For Several Days

 Registry services unavailable from

7 p.m., March 22 until 8 a.m., March 26

The RMV is transforming its business processes and replacing its mainframe computer system with new, modern technology to deliver exceptional customer service for residents and businesses.

Registry services will be unavailable during the following times:

  • Thursday
  • March 22
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • RMV stops all business services until 8 a.m., 3/26
  • including Service Centers, AAA locations, online & phone services
  • Friday
  • March 23
  • No road tests
  • No vehicle inspections
  • No internet transactions
  • No RMV services, including online or at AAA locations
  • Saturday
  • March 24
  • No road tests
  • No vehicle inspections
  • No internet transactions
  • No RMV services, including online or at AAA locations
  • Sunday
  • March 25
  • No road tests
  • No vehicle inspections
  • No internet transactions
  • No RMV services, including online or at AAA locations
  • Monday
  • March 26
  • 8:00 a.m.
  • All RMV services resume, service centers reopen, RMV services open at AAA locations & vehicle inspections resume

Massachusetts RMV Announces New Requirements:


For Immediate Release                                                                    

March 9, 2018

Contact: MassDOT Press Office: 857-368-8500


Getting or Renewing a Driver’s License, ID Card or Learner’s Permit?

Massachusetts RMV Announces New Requirements:

Lawful Presence and REAL ID


BOSTON – The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is reminding the public that on March 26, 2018, to get or renew any driver’s license, ID card, or learner’s permit, customers will need documentation showing United States citizenship or lawful presence as required by federal and state law.

Lawful presence means that a person is legally living in the United States according to federal immigration laws. All United States citizens and lawfully permanent residents have permanent lawful presence in the U.S. Non-U.S. individuals who are studying, working, or living temporarily in the U.S. may have temporary lawful presence that may vary in length.

On March 26, customers will have the choice between a REAL ID Driver’s License or ID Card or a Standard Massachusetts Driver’s License or ID Card. REAL ID is a Federal Security Standard for IDs that was created in 2005 as a result of increased federal security measures after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

REAL ID will be available on March 26, 2018; however, people will not need a REAL ID until October of 2020. And if they have an active passport and don’t mind carrying it, they will never need a REAL ID. After October of 2020, citizens will need either a passport or REAL ID Massachusetts Driver’s License to fly in the United States, or to enter restricted areas of federal buildings.  The Standard Massachusetts License or ID card will not be valid as a federal ID after October 2020.

“We encourage the public to review information on our website at to learn what documents they must provide for the credential they seek,” said Registrar Erin Deveney. “In most cases, people will have the required documents on hand as these documents are regularly requested when a child starts school, when someone travels outside the country, or in order to get married.”

On March 26, 2018, individuals applying for Registry credentials are encouraged to start their applications online at and answer a few questions to determine if they should choose a REAL ID driver’s license or ID or a Standard Driver’s license or ID, and exactly what identification documents are necessary for each. Customers who visit the RMV’s website will be able to print online applications or have an application that can be displayed on a mobile phone. The website tells customers exactly what to bring to complete the transaction and also directs AAA members to the closest AAA offices for renewals. The online application includes a bar code that will be scanned to retrieve the customer’s information in the system to save time in line. Renewal customers requesting a standard card may be able to perform their renewal successfully online, without coming in for the transaction in person.


Before March 26, 2018: Customers can process renewals as usual – online or in person at a RMV Service Center or AAA location, (if they are a member of AAA).  The Registry encourages the public to renew early.

Lawful Presence Documentation

For U.S. citizens, a valid, unexpired U.S. passport is sufficient proof of lawful presence. U.S. citizens may also provide a certified copy of their U.S. birth certificate.

For permanent residents, a valid permanent resident card (green card) is sufficient proof of lawful presence.

For customers who are not U.S. citizens, valid, verifiable immigration documents as well as proof that they have been granted a legal stay in the U.S. for at least 12 months is required. Their license or ID will expire when their legal stay is over.





Good Morning Southwick Families,

We are all shocked by the horrific events that occurred at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.  Our hearts go out to the many families touched by the tragedy in Florida and our deepest sympathies are with them. The members of the Southwick Police Department is working cooperatively with the Southwick Public Schools and have in place, procedures and safe guards in order to keep students, faculty, and staff safe throughout the school day.

While incidents of this nature rarely follow a prescribed “rule book,” we regularly train in order to properly respond in case such an event should arise. Portions of this training include recognizing indicators of a potential problem.

The partnership we have with the Southwick School Administration allows us to work together to thoroughly investigate all potential threats involving the safety of students and staff.  Although no one can predict the future we will continue to prepare, train, and conduct our due diligence in order to allow our students to learn without fear.


Chief David A. Ricardi

Not in my Town, Not with my Kids!

SAVE THE DATE:…..It doesn’t discriminate, it effects every community, family, household, school, workplace etc… One way or another, every one of us have been effected by the Opioid crisis that has infested our communities.

Wednesday February 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm, The Rotary Club of Southwick is sponsoring a Community forum in the auditorium of the Southwick Town Hall to discuss this Opioid Epidemic and what can be done to control it. Please save the date and time and join us along with Hampden County Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi.

Also…Chief of Police, David Ricardi has invited a special guest speaker you do not want to miss. Patricia Ahern of East Longmeadow will be sharing her own personal, heartbreaking story as she has lost not one, but both of her children to this horrible epidemic. Since losing her children, Patricia has been on a mission to bring Opioid awareness a priority to our community leaders so a plan can be composed to battle this epidemic that is taking over our communities.

Any and all is encouraged to attend. Thank and we hope to see you there!

Chief David Ricardi and The Southwick Police Department are very proud to contribute to the Veteran’s Memorial Foyer project. This project is aimed to recognize students that have graduated from the S.T.G.R.H. that have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom as a member of the United States Armed Forces. It is very important that these individuals are NEVER forgotten!!!

Thank you to all who have served and to those who continue to serve this great Nation. Thank you and God Bless you!!!

VFW Post 872
Troy Henke is with Ryan Dietert.
January 9 at 2:25pm · West Springfield ·
Southwick Police Chief David Ricardi is pictured here with VFW Post 872 Commander Ryan Dietert and Post Member Troy Henke. Chief Ricardi made a very generous donation from the Chief’s Special Project Fund to the Veterans Memorial Foyer Project at the STGR School, and we would like to take a moment to thank Chief Ricardi for his support of this project, and for the Department’s ongoing partnership and support of our Post.
Post 872 would be remiss not to thank all of our other generous supporters and donors whose support is making the Veterans Memorial Foyer a reality:

Town of Southwick; Karl Steinhart
Selectman Joseph Deedy and the Southwick Civic Fund
Mark & Neilda Henke
Troy Henke
Lynda Daniele
David & Joanne Fuller
Episcopal Church of our Saviour; Milton, MA.
Environment First Pest Control; Brian Morrissey
The Marine Corps League of Westfield

We would also like to thank Chief Ricardi, the Town of Southwick, Selectman Deedy and all of our supporters on behalf of the Alamed, Wentworth, and Fuller Families who will each have a son memorialized in the Foyer. Thank you, sir! Thank you all!

2017 – Snow Related Town By-Laws and Enforcement Fines

Topic: Education and Enforcement of Town By-Laws related to snow removal and Winter Recreational vehicles, etc.


The snow is on the horizon and in-turn so will the citizen complaints pertaining to a number of issues related to snow removal and winter recreation. This “training bulletin” will serve as a guide and education tool for citizens who may be unfamiliar our Town by-laws as they relate to snow removal and winter recreation issues. If an Officer finds a violation he has an option to issue an infraction citation a Town of Southwick Notice of Violation of Town By-Law or Regulation ticket to the violator. By sending out this message we are hoping that the Officers will not have to resort to issuing any payable type citations.

Chapter 157, Streets and Sidewalks

Article II – Snow and Ice Removal

· Chapter 157, Section 4: Residents of property or owners of property abutting the sidewalks within the Town, which now is or may hereafter be established or set apart as such, shall clear said sidewalk of ice and snow within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow ceases to fall. Should said sidewalk become covered with ice that cannot be readily removed, the said abutter or residents shall be required to place sand or some other suitable substance thereon within twenty-four (24) hours after such said side walk shall have become so encumbered to render said walk unsafe for pedestrians.

Fine: $ 25.00

· Chapter 157, Section 5: No Person shall plow or cause to be plowed, snow or ice from private property into or onto a public way.

Fine: $ 25.00


K-9 General Graduates from first phase of training!

I am proud to announce that Officer Michael A. Westcott and his K-9 partner, General, graduated from the North American Police Work Dog Association on Friday, December 1, 2017. The intense training program certified our K-9 as a “Police Utility Dog” which provided certifications in Obedience, Article Search, Area Search, Building Search, Tracking and Aggression Control.

Officer Westcott and General have been assigned to the 4 p.m. to Midnight shift until they move onto their next phrase of training. They are scheduled to attending a “Drug Identification” training program in January in order to become certified in identifying narcotic substances. This is a 4 to 5 week program.

Chief Dave Ricardi

Congratulations to the 22th Citizen Police Academy Graduates

Congratulations to the 22th Citizen Police Academy Graduates

We held the graduation ceremony for students of our 22th Citizen Police Academy on Tuesday evening (12/05/2017). The graduates spent eight (8) weeks learning about different facets of our Department and what the Officers do to on a daily basis to best serve their community. We have now educated over 450 citizens about all of the services their Police Department provide to this community.

I would like to publicly extend by congratulations to all of the graduates who took the time from their busy schedules to participate in such a worthwhile program. The graduates each got first-hand experience in a variety of areas. There is no doubt based on the conversations I had with the graduates that this was an eye-opening experience for all and one that will be everlasting. The graduates learned first-hand what takes place from the time a complaint is called into the Dispatcher to the time a final disposition is reached. Each of the graduates had the favorite class or two during the program but they all agreed that they never realized how much work our Officers do and how many different hats they wear doing the course of their shifts. Congratulation again.

I am looking forward to our 23rd Citizen Police Academy class which is planned to start in the Spring of 2018. If you are interested I would ask that you call Sergeant Kirk Sanders at the Police Department (569-5348 ext. 624) or stop in at the Department and get an application at our Dispatch Center.

Have a Safe Holiday Season

Chief Dave Ricardi

Southwick Police Department 20th Citizen Police Academy

Southwick Police Department

20th Citizen Police Academy

I am proud to announce that will be conducting out twenty-second (22th) Southwick Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy starting on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

The Citizens’ Police Academy is an eight (8) week program designed to show Southwick residents, first-hand information on how their Police Department works. The classes will be held once a week on Tuesday and will meet in the Training Room at the Southwick Fire Department.

The Academy is available to any Southwick resident eighteen (18) years old or older. Anyone who works in Southwick can also apply. At the present time, there are some openings available for this class so if you are interested you should call Sergeant Kirk Sanders at 569-5348 extension 624 to obtain an application.

The training syllabus consists of the following classes:

  • Tour of the Police Department
  • Emergency Dispatch Center
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Criminal Law and Procedures
  • Controlled Substance Identifications and Investigations
  • Firearms
  • K-9 Demonstration
  • Role of the Court System
  • Dive and Rescue Team Program
  • Use of Force
  • Role of our Resource Officer and Safety Officer
  • Operating under the Influence of Alcohol Investigations
  • You are the Police Officer scenarios
  • A ride-a-long with an Officer

At the end of eight weeks there is a graduation ceremony.


Chief Dave Ricardi