New K-9 Officer appointed…….

Chief Dave Ricardi is pleased to announce Officer Michael A. Westcott has been chosen to be the Southwick Police Department’s next K-9 handler replacing veteran handler Sergeant Thomas Krutka. Officer Westcott is expected to begin his initial training program in the latter part of August.

Prior to beginning the training program, Officer Westcott will accompany Master trainer, Capt. Dwane Foisy of the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department to Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania where they will select a K-9 that will best meet the needs of the Town of Southwick

The training program which expected to take approximately 8 to 12 weeks will begin shortly after our new K-9 is selected. The initial training consists of an extensive obedience program as well as programs necessary to building a successful K-9 team.

Shortly after the new K-9 team has received its first certification the team will later attend a four week narcotic detection certification program.

The members of the Southwick Police Department are confident that Officer Westcott and his new canine partner will take over where Sergeant Krutka and K-9 Jax left off. We look forward to the day when we will once again have an established K-9 team.