Yes, visible house numbers are vital when there is an emergency call for Police, Fire or the Ambulance. When Emergency Responders have to spend extra time trying to locate the right house or business it will obviously cause a delay in providing the needed service.

The numbers on your home or business must be large enough to be seen from the roadway in all types of weather and lighting conditions. Please keep in mind the numbers must be large enough to read from a moving vehicle. It is recommended you place them directly on or immediately by the front door when possible. In the event the structure is set too far back from the road it is recommended to place the number at the entrance to the driveway. They can be placed on a post, mailbox, fence, etc.

When numbering your home or business make sure to use materials which will not fade or wear easily from the weather. Last but not least choose colors which will not blend into the background they are displayed on.

Remember your extra efforts are appreciated by the Emergency Responders who will be able to provide the needed services as quickly as possible.