Feeding Hills Road Construction Project

Feeding Hills Road

Construction Project

On Monday, March 13, 2017, a major road design project for Feeding Hills Road will begin at about 7 A.M.  The project is expected to go through November of this year with an expected completion date of somewhere in March of 2018.

The project will create some addition traffic congestion Monday through Friday during the hours of 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.   As a results of this increased traffic we are asking all motorist to beware of the surroundings at all times.  We would ask that all drivers be cognizance that Feeding Hills Road from College Highway to Foster & North Longyard Road will be a construction site which will require everyone to:

·     Pay attention and keep off your devices – even if you are hands free.  Talking on the phone causes cognitive distraction.  There is a lot happening in work zones, you need to pay attention to the Officers and the signs.

·     You must keep your eyes on the road.  Traffic conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly in work zones.

·     So Slow Down – especially at the first sign of a work zone.  Obey all posted speed limits. 

·     Speeding violations are double the original fine when occurring in a work zone.

We are planning on providing as many traffic updates as possible.  There are no scheduled detours for this project.  You can expect delays so if you know an alternative route we would suggest utilizing it.

Chief Dave Ricardi