Have Your Child Safety Seat Inspected By A Certified Tecnician Today!

The Southwick Police Department has two certified Safety Seat Technicians that can assist you in installing a new seat or inspecting an existing seat that you have in your vehicle.

For more information and installations please contact

  • Sgt. Rhett E. BannishSeargent Rhett Bannish | 413-569-5348 • Ext - 616
  • Officer Michael A. TaggartOfficer Michael Taggart | 413-569-5348 • Ext - 614

If you are not a Southwick resident, please call your local Police Department to inquire if they provide this service. This will ensure that we can assist our residents as well as residents of other towns who do not provide this service. Thank you for your cooporation.

Massachusetts law requires all children to ride in a safety seat until they are at least five years old AND they weigh over 40 pounds.

Children who weigh over 40 pounds but are under five, must ride in booster seats. For children five years of age or older AND weighing 40 pounds to 60 pounds, a booster seat is recommended.

Children five years of age or older AND weigh over 60 pounds must where a safety belt that is properly adjusted. Choosing a safety seat depends on the child's weight, not age. The driver of the vehicle will be fined $25.00 for each unrestrained child.

Massachusetts law requires all occupants to be properly restrained when riding in a private passenger vehicle, including vans and trucks.

Safety belts reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a car crash by 75%. Safety belts prevent the head from making contact with the steering wheel, windshield and dashboard and, prevent occupants from being ejected from the vehicle.

Air bags save lives, however, special precautions must be taken when driving with children. Children under twelve should be in the back seat away from the air bag.

Remember, Air bags are supplemental devices. Safety belts must be used on every ride for maximum protection. NEVER place a rear facing child seat in a front passenger seat with an air bag.