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Police Officers & Personnel

The Southwick Police Department is made up of seventeen full time sworn police officers, including the command staff. The Southwick Police Department also has a reserve force consisting of eleven officers.

Command Staff

  • Chief David A. Ricardi - Department CommanderChief David A. Ricardi - Department Commander
  • Lt. Kevin A. Bishop - Second in CommandLt. Kevin A. Bishop - Second in Command

Detective Sergeant

  • Detective Sgt. Robert D. LandisID #167 Sgt. Robert D. Landis - ext. 621

Patrol Sergeants

  • Sgt. Kirk H. SandersID #158 Sgt. Kirk H. Sanders - ext. 624
  • Sgt. Rhett E. BannishID #174 Sgt. Rhett E. Bannish - ext. 616
  • Sgt Donald E. DayID #165 Sgt Donald E. Day - ext. 617


  • Officer Bradford P. FiskID #269 Officer Bradford P. Fisk - ext. 618
  • Officer Paul A. MilesID #272 Officer Paul A. Miles - ext. 620
  • Officer Roger P. ArduiniID #275 Officer Roger P. Arduini - ext. 626
  • Officer Thomas L. KrutkaID #276 Officer Thomas L. Krutka - ext. 520
  • Officer Michael A. TaggartID #281 Officer Michael A. Taggart - ext. 614
  • Officer Greg L. BurtID #282 Officer Greg L. Burt - Ext. 526
  • Officer Marc S. SiegelID #283 Officer Marc S. Siegel - Ext 528
  • Officer Michael WestcottID #284 Officer Michael Westcott - Ext. 530
  • Officer Daniel F. RyanID #285 Officer Daniel F. Ryan - Ext. 642
  • Reserve Officer Earnest MaloneOfficer Ernest Malone
  • Reserve Officer David MassaiOfficer David Massai

Reserve Officers

  • Reserve Officer Keith N. StromgrenReserve Officer Keith N. Stromgren
  • Reserve Officer Kenneth G. LaxtonReserve Officer Kenneth G. Laxton
  • Reserve Officer Daniel ScibelliReserve Officer Daniel Scibelli
  • Reserve Officer Robert DelucaReserve Officer Robert Deluca
  • Reserve Officer Jesse RizzoReserve Officer Jesse Rizzo
  • Reserve Officer Jerry CainReserve Officer Jerry Cain
  • Reserve Officer Paul LaflammeReserve Officer Paul Laflamme
  • Reserve Officer Gregory PriestReserve Officer Gregory Priest
  • Reserve Officer Kyle SandersReserve Officer Kyle Sanders
  • Reserve Officer Richard L. CrossReserve Officer Richard L. Cross
  • Reserve Officer Richard L. CrossReserve Officer Adam Roberts
  • Reserve Officer Richard L. CrossReserve Officer Ross Henke


  • Suzanne Anderson - Administrative SecretarySuzanne Anderson - Administrative Secretary
  • Wendy Cordeiro - Records/FirearmsWendy Cordeiro - Records/Firearms