Emergency Dial 911

Please remember that 911 is for emergencies only.
If there is a risk to life or property,
call 911 immediately!

No one should call 911 about complaints of loud music, illegally parked cars, barking dogs or anything that is not of an emergency nature.

If you have questions or concerns that are NOT an emergency,
please refer to the numbers listed below:

  • Police/Fire Non-Emergency - 413-569-5348
  • Police Fax - 413-569-5999
  • Police Records Bureau - 413-569-5348, ext. 644
  • Police Detective Bureau - 413-569-5348, ext. 621
  • Fire Department Administrative Offices - 413-569-6363


  • Keith N. Stromgren - DispatcherKeith N. Stromgren - Dispatcher
  • Peter W. Coe - DispatcherPeter W. Coe - Dispatcher
  • James R. Frenette - DispatcherJames R. Frenette - Dispatcher
  • Robert J. Eak - DispatcherRobert J. Eak - Dispatcher


  • Wendy Cordeiro - DispatcherWendy Cordeiro - Dispatcher
  • David l. LaBombard - DispatcherDavid l. LaBombard - Dispatcher
  • Andrea Rowley - Dispatcher - DispatcherAndrea Rowley - Dispatcher

The Town of Southwick Dispatch Center is the communications center for the Town of Southwick , MA. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, handling all emergency and non-emergency calls, while also dispatching the Police, Fire and EMS services for the town. It also provides after hours call assistance for the Department of Public Works and Animal Control.

Southwick Dispatch operates with four full-time communications personnel, and three part time dispatchers. All are civilian dispatchers, who undergo extensive training before working on their own. Training includes Enhanced 911, Basic Telecommunications, CPR, Incident Command and National Incident Management Systems, and the operation of the Computer Aided Dispatch and Radio systems.

Dispatchers are the initial first responders, acting as a vital link between the citizens of Southwick and the first responders in the field. When a call is received, dispatchers must gather as much information as possible. Dispatchers must relay all the information provided by the caller to the responders and coordinate response efforts in order to provide the best possible service. Dispatchers are trained and required to ask certain questions which plays a vital role in protecting emergency responders.