Recreational & Boat Patrols

Boat Patrol

The Southwick Police Department Boat Patrol Unit works with boaters and lakefront residents to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment on the Congamond Lakes. We also provide education to the public about boating laws andwater safety.

The Southwick Police Department owns and operates a 17 foot Boston Whaler powered by an XX HP Johnson outboard motor.

The Police Boat has all the standard safety equipment including:

  • A Radio System
  • Radar Unit for Speed
  • Tow Ropes
  • First Aid
Our Officers are fully trained in boating laws specific to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Click on Chapter 90B to view the laws from the State Website.

Recreational Vehicle Enforcement

The Southwick Police Department purchased and fully equipped two all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), along with a trailer to transport them to various locations throughout Town. The ATV's have enhanced the Department's ability to effectively patrol the wooded areas and remote areas of Southwick, as well as allowing Officers to respond to calls for service where standard patrol vehicles are unable to access.

A vast majority of the Officers who expressed an interest in serving on the ATV unit were sent to training. The Officers received extensive training in the safe operation of the ATV' s, their capabilities and the enforcement of the laws pertainingto recreational vehicles.

Since obtaining
the ATV's, the
Southwick Police Department ATV's Unit has conducted numerous patrols and responded to several incidents, including but not limited to searches for missing persons. These units have also been utilized during large events such as the National Moto-Cross. The ATV's are deployed when possible to investigate complaints from landowners or business owners who are confronted with issues generated by trespassers or nuisance recreational vehicle operators.