"Help Fight Crime In Your Community"

Wish to report a crime or incident anonymously? | Anonymous Tip Line | 413-569-5348 • Option 9

The Southwick Police Department has recognized the need for an effective way for the citizens of Southwick to report their observations of criminal activity or suspicious behavior of individuals in our community.

However, we understand that there may be times people do not wish to call the police with their concerns, knowledge, or information they may have about a particular crime or ongoing criminal activity, for fear of being identified as the source of information leading to a police response.

The Southwick Police Department Detective Bureau has established a confidential TIP LINE as an alternative means by which individuals can report valuable information in an anonymous manner.

Calls received on the TIP LINE are recorded to a voice message system. The detective assigned to the bureau will check the voice message system periodically, and thoroughly evaluate and distribute the information according to departmental procedures for investigating criminal activity.

No information is too small or unimportant.

This line is not for any crime or incident currently in progress or time sensitive in nature.

If this call requires immediate attention
or is an emergency dial 911 immediately