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Fireworks Laws   The 4th of July Holiday is quickly approaching us. This is a holiday that traditional brings about the illegal use of fireworks throughout the Town. Our Officers will be enforcing the laws where possible. Our main focus is to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday. Chapter 148, Section […]


SCAM ALERT…..SCAM ALERT……There has been several reports of phone scams in town as well as other surrounding areas. The calling party is stating that your family member has been in a car accident and money is needed immediately for treatment. There has also been calls stating that a member of your family, whether it be […]

Calls for Service involving Wildlife…..

As of 06/01/2014, the Town of Southwick Animal Control Officer(s) can not and will not handle calls for service regarding routine wildlife complaints in or at a residence or business within the borders of the Town. · Our State laws prohibit the removal or relocation of wildlife. Our Animal Control Officer(s) can dispose of wildlife […]