Congratulations to the graduates from our 16th Citizen Police Academy Class. We would like to thank the graduates for their participation, interest, and the enthusiasm they had in this program. It is refreshing to know that the graduates now have a better understanding about their Police Department and how hard the members of the Department work to keep the community safe and provide the citizens with a better quality of life.
I have found that the best part of any Citizen Police Academy graduation ceremony is the speeches which are made by a number of the graduates. Those giving the speeches cast away any fears they have about speaking before a crowd and convey what the program meant to them with little or no difficulties. The speeches can be humorous and informative but more importantly they truly reflect that the program is a huge success as it has established an open a line of communications between the graduates and their Police Department. Since it is important that our citizens be well informed I would at this time like to announce that our current Board of Selectmen and our current Finance Committee have agreed to at our upcoming Town Meeting support the funding needed to maintain this program in fiscal year 15. It is nice to see that others recognize the importance of this program to our community. Again, congratulations to graduates of this class and all of the previous classes.

A Special Thanks goes out to the graduates who collectively made a generous donation to the Citizen Police Academy program. This donation will be used to help fund the Citizen Police Academy programs in the future. Thank-you

Chief Dave Ricardi